• Pipeline Inspection, Maintenance, Repair and Rehabilitation


Common to municipalities around the world is the need to maintain a clean and sanitary environment suitable for humans to live and work. This responsibility includes providing a system for efficiently moving both wastewater (sewage) and storm water along with the solid materials through a collection system from the source to an environmentally safe place of treatment and disposal. These wastewater collections systems need to be maintained and cleaned on either a regular basis, which is highly recommended, or when there is blockage. This is where Pipeline Management comes in. With our state of the art sewer cleaning equipment and our highly skilled operators, Pipeline Management can clean sanitary and storm sewers from 6″ to over 100″. Pipeline uses the jetting and vacuum combination to remove any debris and sludge from the line. Jetting is a process in which a high-pressure water hose with a sewer-jetting nozzle is pushed into the dirty pipeline. High-pressure water is released from the sewer jet truck to dislodge all of the dirt and flush it away into a gully hole. As the dirt is removed, the nozzle continues to move deeper into the sewer. The use of vacuuming through which all of the dirt is extracted with a vacuuming system is then used. All the solids and water removed this way are then disposed into a sludge tank.

If there are roots, protruding taps, and or minerals in the sanitary or storm line, Pipeline has the cutting equipment to these obstructions in their entirety.