• Pipeline Inspection, Maintenance, Repair and Rehabilitation



Fiberglass UV Cure Spot Liner

Pipeline Management uses a state of the art Glass Fiber Composite (GFC) sectional liner that can repair cracks, broken pipe, & offset joints for pipe diameter sizes 8″-24″. The spot liner is cured with ultra-violet light in just over ten minutes. Our sectional liners can also repair leaking joints and root intrusion while adding significant structural integrity to the pipe. There are several spot lining products in the U.S. market from PVC to felt liner cured with steam or water. Pipeline’s GDC sectional liner exceeds the strength and curing speed of any of these competing products. With our UV curing process, our technology goes far beyond other products in strength, reliability, speed of installation and environmental impact. Our spot lining system has proven itself to be the most cost effective in pipe rehabilitation infrastructure.


Mainline Joint/Point Grouting

Pipeline Management can tackle any grouting need from 8″ to over 100″ pipe diameter. Localized grouting involves the use of inflatable packers, custom-sized to the section of the pipe or service connection, to isolate the joint to be grouted from the rest of the sewer and piping system, allowing for the precision application of grout only to the part of the sewer sealed off by the packer. The packer is first pulled into position over the defective joint where it is inflated, sealing off the area for grouting. Pipes feed grout to the packer, where injection ports located in the area of the packer isolated by the packer and the pipe wall inject grout under pressure into the packer/pipe cavity, defects and soil outside the pipe surrounding the defects. Pipeline can also point grout leaks in pipes larger than 42″ where lateral packers cannot be used.


Lateral Grouting

Pipeline Management’s grouting services include the grouting of lateral service connections. Service Laterals are often a source of significant infiltration. Studies have shown that most infiltration into service lines occur within a few feet of the main. The reason for this is that all, except the last few feet of the service lateral (i.e. where it connects to the main) is situated above the water table. The best and most economical way to stop these leaks is through chemical grouting. Chemical grouting provides an economical solution to stop leaks in service laterals. Pipeline Management has the latest lateral injection packers to seal lateral connections at the main as well as a few feet up the connection. A TV inspection of the entire test and sealing process is recorded for later viewing and verification.


Manhole Grouting

Manhole grouting is a chemical grouting technique that Pipeline Management has successfully done for numerous clients and municipalities. Manhole Grouting is a defense against infiltration and exfiltration of groundwater in structurally sound sewer or storm manholes. Pipeline Management also has used this grouting technique in wet wells, tanks, or vaults.