• Pipeline Inspection, Maintenance, Repair and Rehabilitation

We offer full turn key solutions to any sewer problem you may have.

Experience and Knowledge

Pipeline Management is a full service Michigan Department of Transportation approved trenchless rehabilitation and inspection contractor that provides underground storm and sanitary line video inspections, sanitary and storm sewer cleaning, catch basin cleaning, grouting and air testing of mainline joints and lateral connections and UV spot liners. Pipeline is committed to providing dependable, timely, cost-effective, responsive, and innovative solutions for industrial and municipal clients with environmental challenges to their underground infrastructure.



Sewer systems are a complex and vital part of our infrastructure.  Routine cleaning and assessment can prevent small problems from turning into major expenses.  Tree roots, grease, illegally dumped waste products, sludge and broken and cracked pipes are some examples of items that can be identified during routine maintenance programs.  Pipeline Management Company can offer cost effective methods to protect your infrastructure systems.



Pipeline Management will meet and exceed all of your CCTV utility inspection needs by providing high quality equipment and experienced personnel on every project.  CCTV inspections are conducted in accordance with the National Association of Sewer Service Companies (NASSCO) Pipeline Assessment Certification Program (PACP).   All of our operators are trained to recognize, identify and categorize pipe and structure conditions and if necessary, make repairs using state of the art trenchless rehabilitation methods.



Pipeline Management uses a state of the art Glass Fiber Composite (GFC) sectional liner that can seal cracks, broken pipes & offset joints for pipe diameter sizes 8″-24″.

Chemical grouting is a cost effective and proven method of pipe and structure rehabilitation frequently used by our certified and experienced technicians.  Used properly, it can prevent groundwater from entering the sewer pipe through openings in manholes, joints, or connections.  Chemical grouting significantly reduces groundwater inflow and infiltration and can be performed with minimum disruption to the surrounding area.